1. Hand Painted Vine Lantern
    Hand Painted Vine Lantern
  2. Hand PaintedTents
    Hand PaintedTents
  3. Low Poly House Scene
    Low Poly House Scene
  4. Hand Painted Lantern
    Hand Painted Lantern
  5. Low Poly Crate
    Low Poly Crate
  6. CCTV Camera
    CCTV Camera
  7. ZBrush Wall Sculpt
    ZBrush Wall Sculpt
  8. Tavern - Hand painted
    Tavern - Hand painted
  9. Tetra - Collection of Assets
    Tetra - Collection of Assets
  10. Potion Stall - Hand Painted
    Potion Stall - Hand Painted
  11.  Fishing Stall - Hand Painted
    Fishing Stall - Hand Painted
  12. Shield and Spear
    Shield and Spear
  13. Outpost Scene
    Outpost Scene
  14. Chest

Tavern scene, handpainted using photoshop and 3D Coat.

Potion Stall, handpainted using photoshop and 3D Coat.